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Poetry by Umutay Eralieva*

Stop the war

Stop fighting,
don’t orphan children,
Stop fighting,
don’t make a woman a widow.
The earth was bombed and stained with blood,
Do not exterminate the human race!
Stop fighting,
don’t light a stormy fire,
Don’t think about loneliness,
dreams, sadness.
Animals, innocent massacres,
Do not disturb or harm nature.
Stop the war,
Poverty has spread,
The number of homeless people has increased.
The baby’s future is in doubt…
Homeland cloud fled and suffered!

Eralieva Umutkan Polotovna (Kyrgyzstan)


He proves that he was born a man,
There is prudence in his courage.
Day and night in all seasons – he can
Guard the border of his people.
So let us speak of him with pride,
He serves Motherland in the far countryside.
A border guard is the guardian of the homeland.
He doesn’t waste a day or a minute in vain. With a spirit of courage, he will be strong, full;
All warriors-soldiers are the shield of the nation.
Thank you for your hard work on the border,
Remembering, you get our life in order.
Let’s wish them luck and happiness,
May they return home safely, may they be health.
May God protect them from bitterness.
May God support, help, also bless.
Let the wars on our Earth Stop
May Peace Prevail Throughout the World!

Eralieva Umutkan Polotovna (Kyrgyzstan)


I love looking at you
And I choose sounds.
‘Cause I live loving you
I sing and admire.
You light up the world

From beauty I melt
The whole ether is full of you,
You are a golden maiden.
I see countless stars
They are not comparable to you.
Whatever one may say, the battle is unequal,
Let them reconcile with fate.
I praise you endlessly

Lead me

Don’t take your eyes off
Don’t hide behind the darkness.
Sometimes you go behind the clouds
You play hide and seek with me
And I run to you, you wait
We play catch up.
You are the queen among the stars
Queen of this night
Girlfriend, it just so happened
Which is inseparable from the sun.
You have a big role
Witness of the night.
You and the sun since ancient times together

Shine – lights.

You see the sufferers of the earth
And all lovers too.
Good luck to all of us,
Be kinder, don’t be stricter.
You are the eyewitness of everything
Laughing, you often joke
People don’t hide anything
Sometimes you awaken your conscience.

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Eralieva Umutkan Polotovna was born on July 12, 1968 in the village of Kok-Zhar, Nookat district, Osh region.
The owner of two higher degrees. K. Frunze. Graduated from the Accounting Department of the Scriabin Agricultural Institute. Profession economist, accountant. I. Graduated from the State Pedagogical University.Arabaeva. Profession Speech therapist (speech pathologist).

Eralieva Umutkan is a poet, writer, publicist. Member of the National Union of Writers of Kyrgyzstan (2011), the Union of Journalists of Kyrgyzstan (2014). Member of the Writers’ Union of North America (2021), Eurasian Creative Guild (London), (2021), author of ten books.
Laureate of more than 125 international literary festivals and competitions. His works have been translated into more than 40 languages of the world.
Participant of dozens of world literary almanacs, newspapers, magazines, anthologies.
Literary editor of the world’s popular English-language international electronic magazine “Kavya Kishor” in Bangladesh (Dhaka). General Director of the International online publication ”Skylark Poetry SPI” (Dhaka) in Kyrgyzstan.
Academician of the Brazilian Literary Academy “Alegro”. At the international forum in Morocco, he sent out a certificate “Ambassador of the world”.
Awarded the medal “Icon of Peace” of the World Peace Institute in Nigeria (Africa).
In 2022, the music for the author’s song “Stop the War” was written by the famous Polish composer Zbigniew Roth.

Eralieva Umutkan Polotovna (Kyrgyzstan)