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Marianne cries for her children

Diana Skrapari

That Friday night,
The bells rang,
Taking with them,
Broken dreams.

Paris was darkened,
The human folly struck,
God is love,
Why hate,
Its seed sowed?! …

Marianne cries for her children,
With the tears of a mother,
The tears of sorrow
Of Her body,
The tears of grief
Of Her soul.

Marianne spent nights
Without sleep,
When they were babies,
Crying at night.
She took them
In her arms,
Reassuring that
The nightmare was over,
Dear Mommy was there.

Marianne, a beautiful queen
A Mother with endless courage,
Even the storms
Of the history,
Did not kneel you,
You remained strong,
Your glory has reached the summits.

Marianne cries for her children,
Who dreamed of being
Her right arm,
She fought
To raise them up,
To make them,
Worthy citizens,
Nourishing in their hearts,
Three values
Of humanity,
Liberty, equality, fraternity.

But hatred
Is blind
The soul is darkened,
The reason is looking for
A light,
But in vain,
It is lost,
In darkness,
There is no survival.

Is the halo
Of Your soul,
Welcoming land,
Land of Hope.

You have opened your arms,
To those who
Were seeking freedom,
To those who
Wanted to live in peace.

Marianne cries for her children,
Who just wanted
To live their lives,
Spring flowers,
By murderous bullets
Faded, perished.

That Friday night,
Someone waited
To come back home,
A brother, a sister, a boyfriend,
A mother, a father, a girlfriend,
A cousin, a life, a soulmate.

Their eyes fixed
For long time the door,
Praying to listen
A ringtone,
The wait was endless,
They became
They left…
They are gone…

Marianne cries for her children,
She cannot believe
They are not there,
Thinking they will
Come back from a long trip,
In her head,
She still hears
Their voices.

An angel approaches
Slowly to her,
He wipes
The tears of her heart,
He kisses her
With his wings
And says softly,
Mamma, my beautiful Mom,
Don’t cry,
I did not want
To leave you,
But the Evil
Took me away from you,
Be strong,
Dear Mum,
I am your guardian angel,
Watching over You,
From Heaven.
I love you, dear Mommy!
Thank you,
For all that
You gave me,
On earth,
When I was alive.
I am an angel,
But the Marseillaise,
Resonates in my head.
For eternity,
My heart,
For you,
Will beat,
The tricolor flag
On my soul
Will rise.
I love you, dear Mommy!
Don’t cry!…