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Omaggio di Maria Teresa Liuzzo al poeta NASSER ALSHAIKHAHMED

Poems titles: 1- When morals are just a statue of stone 2- Delightful serene 3- You are the warmth.

When morals are just a statue of stone

About these behaviors of insanity, I must say
The essence of the verses that lie in your way
For within these words, a tale shall unfold
Of a world plagued by sorrows, stories untold.

In this realm of ours, where chaos resides
Where moral compasses falter, and many souls hide
I’ve penned this poem to capture the plight
Of a life shrouded in darkness, where wrong seems right.

With each passing day, we witness the decline
Of values once cherished, now broken like twine
But worry not, for through these verses, I aim
To shed light on the battles, the reasons we came.

For within the depths of these melancholy rhymes
lies reflect our era, challenging times
Through poignant words and heartfelt lines
We’ll explore the struggle where justice pines.

Through vivid imagery, the faith shall emerge
If a seedling spoiled, principles submerged
Yet, amidst this chaos, a flame ignites
A glimmer of hope, where righteousness fights.

So, readers embark on this lyrical quest
With an open mind, seek truth in each jest
For within these verses, there lies a hidden grace
An invitation to confront, and to dare to embrace.

May these poems serve as a call to us all
To rise above the darkness, to stand tall
in this world where noble compasses are tested
Let these words inspire, leave your hearts invested.

So, without further ado, let the journey begin
Into this poetic realm, where truth cuts like a fin
And may these verses resonate, even after you part
of escorted by whispers of a nature that needs its moralistic restart.

Delightful serene

Stolen moments, precious and rare,
Beyond time and space, they dare
To grow bigger and brighter still,
lessening life’s ordeals with their thrill.

In those fleeting seconds, we find
A respite from the daily grind,
A chance to breathe and just be,
To forget the world’s complexity.

We steal away from the rush,
From the noise and endless hush,
And in those moments, we discover
A world that time cannot smother.

For stolen moments are like seeds,
That grow into towering trees,
Their branches reaching far and wide,
Offering shelter from life’s tide.

They remind us of what truly matters,
Of comfort, that endures and never shatters,
And though they may be brief in time,
Their impact lasts a lifetime.

So let us cherish these stolen moments,
For they are gifts that heaven sent us,
And still they may be few and far between,
But, they fill our hearts with delightful serene.

You are the warmth

You are a longing adrift in thousands of dusk
The love that is awaited every morning.

You are the answer to the verses of poetry
Carried by the rustle of the evening wind,
Seizing dreams of the night.

You come at dusk
When it’s getting dark,
The breeze leads into the twilight along with the raindrops.

You are the soft rays of dawn
that greet the world
And the mist drifted away,
leaving dewdrops on the tips of the leaves.

You are a beauty; the morning humming bird
chanting hymns and sacred tunes of yearning.

And you are the sky of the earth full of springs, Flowing streams
into the wide sea.

You are the warmth when I feel cold
The warmth when I shiver and quiver in my lonely nights.

Short Biography.

NASSER ALSHAIKHAHMED is a SAUDI ARABIAN bilingual poet and writer, he writes poetry and short story in Arabic and English
He went to school at Sonoma State University in California, USA. Although his field of study is far from literature but his soul is immersed in poetry and writing.
He is a member of:
1-All Poetry.com
2-Soul Asylum Poetry Radio. New York-USA

Poetry Anthologies.
1- Voracious Polyglots-USA
2- The Quilled ink SOUTH AFRICA
3- Wheel song Poetry- UK

Online Magazines
1-Polis Magazino- Greece
2-ILA Magazine- USA
3- Grupo de trabajo de escritores “Juntos por las letras” -ARGANTINA
3- www.youtube.com/c/Uddan Television

He has translated from English to Arabic several poetries work for poets from USA, Japan and Australia and published his translation in local journals
He has published one poetry book in Arabic( العرافةara’fa) in 2013 by ( Arabian house for science and publishing). He has won the second prize “Zheng Nian Cup” China Literally Award! 2023. He has published one English
He was awarded on 14-10-2023 by the L.A. Seneca International Academic Literary Award , the Italian Academy of Philosophical Arts and Sciences, Bari- Italy.