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Omaggio di Maria Teresa Liuzzo al poeta Taro Hokkio


When the harness was removed, the horse turned pale. When the rosary brought water and troughs to the horse’s mouth, he did not eat or drink them, as if he refused. As usual, children were running around the village.

A group of giddy young men came in a red sports car and they drank the water from the village well. They drank the water from the well, and then they heard the cracking of the bucket that Rosario had set down at the bottom of the well. Rosario and the others carried a book, many clothes, and the rest of the food in the wagon, but everywhere it was extremely hot by day and snowy by night.

When Rosario returned to the village, a plate was passed around the table. After he ate the last of the frozen raw potatoes roasted over the fireplace, even the bitter time stopped. Faced with a plate of silence, Rosario looked out the window. No time was needed before the blizzard of gray snow played the music of death.
                 Reference “Nietzsche’s Horse” by Tal Bera